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1:1 Coaching


Want to become wealthy from your creative business?

It all starts with a healthy mindset and willingness to try something different.

We all know the definition of insanity, and yet we still try the same thing, without a doubt, every. gosh. darn. time.

It takes a different perspective to allow abundance in your life.

It takes working with someone who can point out that which you cannot see so you can change it once and for all!

It takes courage to put yourself out there, and look at your limiting beliefs and rewrite new ones.


I know all this, because I was once in your position. Working with a coach changed my life. Working with Universal Law of Attraction allowed in more wealth and love than I thought possible!

We all have the power to flourish and live our dreams. When we get in our own way, our desires do not manifest. Detoxing your unhealthy relationships with people, places and things will help you create space for expansion and bring in more of what you do want.

The sessions are 1 hour each week, and the same recurring time and day.

You have 24/7 access to me via email in between sessions.

There is a 6 month minimum commitment, if you show up 100% ready to make changes you will see a difference immediately. 


If you're still with me, keep reading👇


I was searching for clarity, direction, and purpose. I had a fire within me, and yet I wasn't sure how to let it grow, without it getting out of control. I was scared and I didn't know how to start.

I didn't believe that I was worthy of having it all. I thought I had to change something about myself in order to have more money. I sought after more and more enlightenment because I thought you had to be a guru before I could let an ounce of wealth into my life. That backfired on me. 

When I started working with my coach, it felt like coming home. I was guided by a light, a mentor, someone who had walked in my shoes. That relationship became special, for it was one that was built on trust, safety, and confidence. I could lean on my coach in a way I hadn't experienced with anyone else in my life, and they didn't judge me, they just held me so sacredly in my light, it allowed me to develop the confidence and belief within myself.

As a coach, my intention is to help you be seen, and step into your light with confidence. I want to help you build a profitable business while using the Universal Law of Attraction.

My coach style is loving, honest, to the point, and vulnerable. It's important that we trust each other and I will be there for you as a beacon of light to guide you home. I do not do the work for you, but rather teach you how to access your own intuition and practice working with energy so that you can thrive and be abundant in your own life and affairs!

You hold the power of choice to determine your future all based on your mindset and willingness to uproot old behaviour and plant new habits. 

By working with me, you will become so present in your body that you can clearly access your intuition, find more happiness in each moment of your life. You will manifest and magnetize the experiences, people and things on top of earning more money than you every thought was possible, by doing less, expanding your beliefs and ridding your limitations.

The life you dream of is possible and I will show you how easy it is to have it all and enjoy every minute of it!


The most powerful investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

  • Weekly 1 hour Calls (same recurring time/day)
  • 1:1 Mentoring with Tori over Zoom or phone call
  • Optional Homework
  • Continued access to me in between sessions via email, response rate of 12-24hours.
  • minimum 6 month commitment
Total cost: $750.00 CAD + tax

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If we're a good match, I'll send you an email to set up a consultation call so we can get to know each other better, and it'll be your opportunity to ask me any questions!


About Me:

I knew from a young age I wanted to be a successful artist. Growing up in a society where we don't necessarily always favour the creative, I felt like a needle in a hay stack. I had these outlandish dreams, that I never really thought could transpire. I was constantly getting in my own way. Whenever I shared these dreams, I felt the judgement and struggle of being an artist so I pushed it aside until I couldn't ignore it anymore.
I also struggled with money. I lived a frivolous life in the fast lane. I held unhealthy perspectives on love, my body, relationships, money, oh the list goes on.
I knew there was more to life than a 9-5, and skating on the surface in my relationships. I wasn't happy, but I knew I could be so I started working with a coach. 
After spending a long time fighting myself. The moment I first worked with an intuitive, my life changed forever. I felt safe, and I allowed my walls to drop, and a stranger showed me unconditional love. Years later, I know that unconditional love is my connection to the divine, and that feeling of LOVE for the first time was like “coming home”.
Admitting that I wanted to be wealthy and live my dream life was the first step to making it a reality. It took patience, love, and perseverance to change my outlooks on myself, my artwork, and possibilities of it working out. I had to overhaul my life to believe in myself and trust that the universe had my back - and it did, it showed up for my right away in my second year of business when I started to earn a six figure salary for the first time ever - off of my artwork!
As an intuitive I pull on my developed senses, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to help you find clarity in your life and that same connectedness I found in my first session. But most importantly, I'm going to teach you, how do it for yourself, so your can start to build that self trust because that's the nugget that's going to take your business and your life soaring heights you dreamed but didn't consider a reality until now. Maybe one day, you will also help others realize their divine potential too.


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