Tori Swanson - Psychic Intuitive Artist

I paint to connect with an energy larger than myself. When I create and paint I feel totally connected to the divine universe and that potent energy is transmuted into my artwork.

I am inspired by resistance. I use painting as a creative outlet to grapple, understand and transcend challenges in my life.

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"I worked with Tori over several months when I was tired of working a 9-5 and longing to be an entrepreneur. I had a good intuitive sense but was lacking in self trust. She helped to reaffirm my own personal guidance so I could build the muscle and begin to do it myself. She was also a great role model in how to be a working artist."


"Working with Tori over the past two years has been transcendent. She’s thoughtful, open & asks questions that allow you the space to work through the darkness yourself all the while holding space and offering love and light. 

I’ve made some huge shifts and I can honestly say having Tori as a coach has been life changing. "


"I started working with Tori, originally, because I wanted to create a business or a program or something that was true to me, and what I soon realized, with Tori's guidance, was what I really craved was a coming home to myself, space to sift through it all. In our work together Tori created space for me to explore my spirituality and intuition, all while crafting strategies to see the life I want, come to life." 


"I love working with Tori! She's caring, understanding and inspiring. She strikes the right balance between emotional support, compassion and just enough tough love (when needed) to get out of your own way. I learned a lot through her and her coaching game me a new perspective on so many situations in my life. She gives you the tools you need to have so you can make big changes in each moment. Thank-you for everything Tori, I really appreciate you!"