Astrology: Natal Chart Reading

Astrology has always been apart of my life. I grew up in a household where it was often a topic of conversation, wisdom passed down from the female lineage in my family.

Over the past year, while I have been moving through my Saturn Return, I have found astrology to be a pure guide in navigating the transformations in my life, and there have been countless in the last year alone.

Astrology has become a tool for me to understanding what energies I tend to draw in, and how to work with it. My natal chart has proven the life path I'm meant to walk, my purpose, my gifts and the resistance and challenges I face in my life.

My natal chart has allowed me to step into confidence into who I am meant to be, and it continues to teach me how to release the energies, situations, experiences that are holding me back in life.

My gift as a psychic is to bridge my intuition and the science of astrology to provide you an in depth reading to help you get in touch with your deep values, character and purpose in this life. You will leave each session with a better understanding of who you are, and what you need and require in your life.

I'm offering a limited number of readings at a special discounted rate while I practice building my knowledge.