Mastermind Group


Group mentoring is a powerful experience, especially when it's directed by the members themselves.
This mastermind course is designed for creatives and anyone who considers their work "art".
When likeminded individuals collect and work toward the same goal, powerful shifts happen along your journey at a faster rate than normal. The energy in the group setting propels individuals forward, it's an infectious experience like no other.
The mastermind group will meet as a group 3x per month over ZOOM
Each call within the month will be:
1. Guest Speaker, a working and thriving creative entrepreneur
2. A call covering submitted questions by the group
3. A call with a focus on coaching and mentoring by Tori
Access to a private facebook group community to support each other between calls.
6 months long.

The Intent

The mastermind course is designed to connect with living creatives and artists who are building their business. The group will learn from experts who have walked the path before you and beside you.

The group is a community hub to support one other on each unique path while creating transparency in business to inspire and motivate.

There will be coaching and mentoring by Tori

This is an opportunity to enter an incubator and to have all your questions answered with thoughtful applicable responses and action plans.

The Investment

Pay in full: $3600

Monthly: $600

Bi Weekly: $300

* tax is calculated at the checkout"

If you're interested, start by filling out this form and getting in touch.