The Secret to Success

Written By Tori Swanson


The secret to success means letting go of the old paradigm. 

Old paradigm being our source of success is outside of ourselves. How many of you believe that your success is based upon how much money you have in the bank, or how many clients you work with or your job title. What if you already knew that you were successful within. What would it take for you to believe this?

The people who are successful right now, regardless of the current pandemic are those who believe they’re innately successful. They don’t go looking for external validation because they know they’re fulfilling their purpose and by being of service to others.

Successful individuals are connected to a source bigger than they are and they create because they want to. It feels good and it’s of service for others.

Some of you may be wondering how something can be of service if it’s primary outcome is personal gain. Well, the focus you have is on the outcome being something of a physical manifestation.  So, when our perspective is muddied with emphasis on a physical manifestation, like money, then we’re not going to receive what we want.

When we’re connected to the outcome being something of the physical world, like money, or clients then our reasoning for doing so is not pure or of the heart. Money, clients and sales are a bonus. It’s ok to want money and clients and success, but we need to take a look at where we’re directing our focus and energy. I know from experience, whenever I’m scared I’m unable to pay the bills, nothing happens, work is slow and income drops. When I’m in a space of having faith and gratitude and I’m present with my day to day then the money flows regardless of the current economic circumstance of the world.

I want to point out that when we’re expecting something to look a certain way, like a new client, we’re completely shutting out new experiences from showing up. Just because it looks differently, doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for you. When we’re present and in our bodies and we’re not looking for it, but rather feeling our way through our experiences, we can see it more easily, and we’re open to new opportunities showing up for us.

It’s kind of like handing over the reins to a higher source. I firmly believe that we are the creators of our own life, but when we think in a linear way, we’re not open to miracles. You have to believe in miracles for them to be possible. 

What are you currently afraid of?

Do you feel completely alone?


Is this a common belief in your life? 

Where else has this shown up for you before? 

It’s very easy to write about this, and it’s another thing to practice it. It takes will power to change our habits. It takes unwavering faith in oneself to believe that you’re worthy of a different outcome than that which you’re expecting.

In order to shift the way you manifest and stay successful during a pandemic is to get clear on your why. 

Why do you want to do what you do? 

What joy does it bring you? 

Do you feel life force pulsing in your veins? 

Do you want to do good in the world - what does that feel like to you? 

I ask myself this question on the daily to dance myself back in to flow. I ask myself why I love to paint and I always come back to the same answer. Painting makes me feel alive, and even if I didn’t make a dime, I would still paint. It allows me to step out of my fear and transcend it into love. Selling artwork also feels incredible. I’m very clear that when I paint I feel the divine within me, and so I want others to feel the divine within them. I allow my paintings to be a vehicle or a direct correspondent with the divine, and so for any of you who have purchased my art in the past, you may feel the aliveness to it. That’s the energy infused in my artwork. So when it hangs on your wall it speaks to you, and I’m sure of it. My connection and purpose is to support global consciousness and allow others to have permission to experience the divine in all dimensions.

This answer didn’t come overnight, in fact it’s taken me years to understand it and it continues to unfold and show up which is so humbling. The trick is, you don’t have to know the answer to what or how you want to do it. Get clear on your why and it’ll all unfold for you. 

If we can clearly find our why from a place of service then there is no way you’ll be unsuccessful, because it doesn’t matter how many people buy it, or who shows up, you’re already doing what you love. Take the pressure off and enjoy this moment right now. 

When we’re connected to feeling an experience rather than seeing it, then it can look differently but have the same outcome.

Have you ever tried turning your favourite comfort food into a vegetarian dish, and did it taste just as good? 

Have you ever decided to stop dating someone based on their looks or ‘type’ and found yourself with someone you never would have expected? 

These are just little examples of this teaching showing up in everyday life. The second we become aware of our motives, then they are easy to shift.

Try not to get carried away with the final outcome, that’s another method of distraction. I always share with my clients when we think about how much we owe at the end of the month or need to get finished, it feels so overwhelming and paralyzing. Bring yourself back into your body in this moment, breathe, and find safety in your own presence there is nothing that can harm you, you don’t have to figure it all out right now. We’re not yet physically there, where here. 

How many of you need proof in order to believe it? 

What do you think that means for you? 

Why do you need proof to believe something?

What beliefs do you have about yourself? 

Are you a kind and generous person? 

How do you know this about yourself? 

Has someone told you?

 Isn’t that the proof you’re looking for? External validation?

It can feel like a spiral, like there is no end to your question - its rhetoric, however there is an end, and it stops with self doubt. If you believe something of yourself, isn’t that enough? Perhaps your need for proof is stopping your manifestation in its tracks. What would it take for you to believe. Perhaps you have the proof, it just looks differently than the way you think it should be.

Self sabotage cuts us off at the knees. We don’t think we want to kill our vibe but our subconscious does. It’s part of our deep rooted fear that we’re unworthy and undeserving based on our familial conditioning, and our ancestral beliefs. If you take a look at your family and their relationship with their fears, how does it enlighten you and yours?

Our inability to want to try something new, and out there is simply fear. 

A lot of times, I share this with my clients and a month or two may go by and they haven’t seen the results they want. The reason is because they’re still looking for it to show up in the old paradigm, to show up the way they still think it should show up. So I ask them, what do you HAVE right NOW that brings you joy and peace, let’s look at what you do have, and allow that to answer your question.  

It’s showing up differently, so don’t lose hope, the second you do, you’re stepping back into sabotage. It’s ok to have a slip up, but it’s one thing to beat yourself up over and over again until you’re back at square one. Is it possible to just be with your fears and allow them to surface. Take one step into your shadow instead of 10 and just sit with it. what comes up, what do you notice? Can you be an observer instead of the protagonist?

Becoming an observer takes practice and a commitment to withhold your self judgement. Instead of judging, can you get curious as to why you feel the way you do? 

Besides, when we have a slip up, and we can identify it, we can easily step back into our service, our purpose and reach that equilibrium, the intuitive dance between light and dark.

I also remind myself that whenever I feel resistance or fear, I’m growing. I wouldn’t be experiencing this if I weren’t meant to level up. I’ve simply reached a ceiling that I’m going to break through. 

Keep in mind there is no finish line to this work, it’s forever and that’s the beauty of it. Once you’ve seen it, you cannot ‘unsee’ it. Once we’ve levelled up there will be another way for this fear to resurface in disguise. The best part is when we finally see it again, and we can let it go, because we've already learned the story and it doesn’t have to have the hold over us that it used to.

For those of you who need some support with finding your purpose, I’ve attached a worksheet for you to download and express yourself. Don’t hold back and get curious if you’ve been met with resistance. It’s partly your way of breaking old habits.


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