Artist Statement

As a young woman I struggled with an eating disorder and art was the only cure. Creating artwork gave me the space to heal and find safety in my body. Soon, I discovered my first muse - women who are unapologetically in full expression of themselves. I was subconsciously practicing the law of attraction and I believe that eventually I became the empowered and provocative woman I painted. 


I am a master of myself and a student in everything else. My healing journey led me to embrace my energy and live according to the universal laws. I became fascinated with the occult. It called me to live my life in full expression by taking accountability and being the creator of my life. Consequently, my artwork is also inspired by astrology and my own experiences with the paranormal as a psychic medium.


My paintings explore resistance. Resistance keeps us small and I let that call me to my canvas to create, move stagnant energy, and expose the underbelly so we (as a collective) can heal. I paint intuitively and my artwork helps me lead my life with integrity and authenticity. 


I received my Certificate of Fine Arts in 2010, and studied Art History in Italy. I finished my academics with a Bachelor of Communications. I have exhibited my artwork in the USA, Canada, and London!