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a spiritual course in finding your creative expression

Starting September 2019

This is for you if you want to….

  • Seek more creativity in your life

  • Feel stagnant and stifled and “off your path”

  • Desire to feel purpose and clarity

  • Shift your relationship with money and feel rich

  • Feel gratitude and presence in your life

  • Experience love, in all it’s forms

  • Discover self-acceptance building up your worthiness and success

  • Find a spiritual outlet, a guide and teacher to take you to the next level

  • Find confidence in who you are and your path

  • Start a business

  • Live an independent life without comparison or competition

  • Feel good in your relationships and being alone

  • Deepen your connection to your intuition

And more….



Somewhere along the line, we have been afraid to reveal our true selves. Sometimes that looks like a downward spiral, or habitual patterns we have picked up to keep ourselves in the same place which makes it harder to grow. Revealing yourself takes courage, and often times painful. It can feel difficult without someone there who is guiding us to make conscious decisions to live a mindful and enriched life.

I started teaching intuitive art classes in my art studio, and found that organically there were people all over the world who wanted to join, but couldn’t, and so I decided to take it online. This virtual course & coaching program is designed to help you find your creative expression - no matter where you live in the world.

My intuitive art classes and psychic intuition are designed to help you strengthen your own gifts. As a spiritual guide, teacher, and coach, it’s my duty to help elevate human consciousness, and chances are that it’s partly yours too.

My story started with depression and anxiety so I turned to art and as a creative outlet where words couldn’t quite describe my feelings. The raw canvas in front of me never judged me, yet invited me to observe. So as I deepened my own intuition I started to reflect the decisions and choices I made in my life and gathered up the courage to finally take the stand and rid myself of toxic anxiety that didn’t serve me anymore.

REVEAL, a course in finding your creative expression and designed to help you strengthen your psychic intuition, expand your methods of communication, open up to new ways of creating (even if you’ve never done it before), by providing 1:1 guidance through the whole program.

The 3 Month Program includes:

  • 24 / 7 access to Tori and her personal cellphone number, when shit hits the fan, text me so we can work through it together on the spot.

  • 2, monthly 1:1 private coaching calls with Tori / per month

  • 2, group intuitive creative calls with Tori and peers / per month

  • Resources to help you continue to grow on your journey

  • Private Facebook group for support and build a community of likeminded souls

  • The chance to try something new, while exploring your intuition, and broaden your means of consciousness.

The investment & Payment Plans

  • $1500 Paid in full

  • x3 payments of $500

  • x6 payments of $250

  • x12 Payments of $125

I’m happy to arrange other payment plans upon request

* cost above does not include GST which will be calculated at point of purchase*

*Shipping of supplies not included*

$150 deposit upon commitment


Starting September 2019


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Tori Swanson is not a licensed medical care provider and is not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. The information shared during readings, workshop material, meditations, coaching, and videos is provided as an information and support resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any medical diagnostic or treatment purposes. Always consult your doctor or health care provider for a diagnosis and treatment plan.