Why Psychic Mediumship?

I spent a long time fighting myself, struggling with anxiety, depression, anorexia, bulimia, self criticism, the list could go on. I never really knew what was “wrong with me” but I knew something was different and I needed help stepping out of it. Happiness felt like something so far away from me that I couldn’t quite understand it or how to bring it into my life.

The moment I first worked with an intuitive, my life changed forever. I felt safe, and I allowed my walls to drop, and a stranger showed me unconditional love.

Now, 5 years later, I know that unconditional love is my connection to the divine, and that feeling of LOVE for the first time was like “coming home”.

Through my sessions, I pull on my developed senses, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to help you find clarity in your life and that same connectedness I found in my first session. I connect with your spirit tribe, which consists of guides, ancestors, and loved ones who have passed over to help deliver the meaningful messages to you. Sometimes I pull on tarot cards, but most of the time, I rely on my knowing to provide you the best experience possible. My motto is not focused on predicting the future, however I incorporate future telling aspects to help you align and strengthen your intuition and create your own future you desire. Ultimately you have the choice and free will in any moment to change the course of history or the future, this is the basis of the universal law of attraction.

To help clarify my offerings, read the description of the sessions below and choose the one that best suits you.

About The Sessions

Psychic Readings: These sessions are designed to get to the heart of the matter. I want to bring clarity and focus to areas of your life that may seem “out of control” or “lost” or “confused”. I will leverage my psychic ability to help you find your path, so that when you feel like you have the tools to help you from wavering from your truth. This 60mins session will deep dive into fears, shadows, contrast, love, gratitude and joy to bring you back to equilibrium.

Mediumship Readings: These sessions are focused on connecting with a loved one or ancestor who has passed over. I want to help you heal, and reconnect with someone with whom you may feel you didn’t get to say goodbye to. Perhaps this is your way of closure to unfinished business and would like the chance to talk to them one more time. These are powerful sessions that may bring closure or reassurance that you need to move forward. I will provide a channel for your deceased to communicate messages through me to you.

Psychic Reading & Meditation: These 90mins sessions are structured similarly to the psychic readings for the first 60mins. The last 30mins are designed to take you into a deep meditation. This meditation is to help you connect with your intuition, work through inner child work, letting go of fear/shame, or help you start your own meditation practice.

Group Sessions: A fun way to bring together a group of people for a birthday, celebration or just for fun. These sessions are typically hosted at my art studio, and I deliver exactly comes up, loved ones who have passed and accurate messages for each person attending the event. These sessions are based on how many people in your group. Please contact me for details, and to receive a quote.

1:1 Soul Coaching: As a spiritual teacher, I feel it is my duty to help elevate human consciousness through soul coaching. My 1:1 coaching offerings are routed in the law of attraction. I wholeheartedly believe that you can manifest everything you want, without resistance. Let’s remove the barriers and habits you have put up, eliminate the spiral, and bring in that love and gratitude and money into your life. 

Tori Swanson is not a licensed medical care provider and is not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. The information shared during readings, workshop material, meditations, coaching, and videos is provided as an information and support resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any medical diagnostic or treatment purposes. Always consult your doctor or health care provider for a diagnosis and treatment plan.