Upcoming Exhibition

The Dark Feminine

By Tori Swanson

PREVIEW: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 6pm -10pm
WHERE: TM LIGHTING, 7 Cubitt St, London WC1X 0LN
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The upcoming exhibition celebrates the side of femininity that is rarely acknowledged. The dark feminine is destructive, provocative, enticing and cathartic. Historically, society had no place for this type of energy so women grow up to be polite, nice, beautiful, and nurturing. To authentically encompass the conditioned definition of woman, she must embrace her dark side for she can’t nurture others unless she takes care of herself. The energy of the dark feminine lives in each woman. Throughout her life, she will come into contact with this unnerving energy and she must decide whether to allow it to breathe and risk an upheaval or suffocate it to death and try to maintain what is expected of her.

The exhibition explores the integration process that a woman initiates as she chooses to boldly step into her power. She must marry herself in both forms - the maiden and the snake. She must combat conditioning passed down from her own ancestral lineage and expectations to "behave" a certain way. In doing so, she charms her inner snake, gets curious, understands how her magic works and uses her cunning nature to her advantage. Should she embark on the journey of self acceptance, she will undergo an uncomfortable inner transformation revealing her inner power and reluctance to conform.

In order to be truly free, a woman must courageously set foot into the unknown and unseen to better understand herself and harness her raw sexual power.