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How to make money off your artwork

The Wealthy Artist Cohort

8 week group coaching program.

From struggling artist 👉 to wealthy artist

Healing your relationship with money and leveraging universal law of attraction to profit off your artwork!

This is how  I built a multi-year 6 figure business (AND growing) all from selling my artwork by simply changing my beliefs!


A lot of people believe that in order to profit 💸 off your creative business you have to:

  • Be old and or die before you see success
  • Have gallery representation
  • Have a following that validates your success
  • Be an epic sales person
  • Work your ass off.

I'm here to break 🙅 those beliefs and build new beliefs that serve you💪

  • Learn how to trust your intuition and eliminate self doubt
  • Go from scarcity to abundance using Universal Law of Attraction
  • Build multifaceted channels of revenue
  • Overhaul your current belief system and rebuild it from scratch as the CREATOR of your life.
  • Create flow and momentum with ease and MAINTAIN it! 


This Cohort will consist of like-minded, creative entrepreneurs who are ready do the work it takes to become financially free and successful off their art. 

It starts with a willingness to try something new, and change your beliefs in order to accomplish what you may have considered impossible.

  • 8 week long program with weekly classes held on ZOOM at the same recurring time & day.
  • Each class is based on a new lesson/ theme and opportunity for group coaching
  • There will be homework, and resources available each week to fully capitalize on your investment.
  • Access to a discussion group where members & I can support each other with our experiences. My promise is that all questions are answered DAILY.
  • there will be an opportunity to book a 30 min. 1:1 with me during the 8 week period.


The Investment

This is really powerful work and full commitment is necessary to see the changes and desires manifest. 
You must be willing to show up with vulnerability and fully own that you are the creator of your own life. 
The more honest and truthful you are during the cohort, the stronger and better results you will see.
Must commit to the full 2 month experience. With an option to work 1:1 with Tori after completion of the Cohort.
2 payments of: $500
4 payments of: $250
6 payments of: $125
(prices are in CAD and do not include tax).

Book a Consultation to begin.