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Coaching Initiatives

Below are a list of all my coaching offerings with a brief description. If you would like to connect over the phone and discuss which option best suits your needs, feel free to book a complimentary call with me, or send me an email through my contact me page. Looking forward to working together.

Soul Coaching (1:1)

Designed specifically for those looking to make BIG changes with their lives, and those who are looking to have or are currently experiencing an ‘awakening’. This type of coaching assists in building your intuition, and leveraging The Universal Law of Attraction.

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Intuitive Art Coaching (1:1)

Perfect for anyone looking to add more creativity into their lives. If you’re experiencing a ‘block’ and want to try something new, or feel an innate need to express yourself. This combines both intuitive coaching and creativity with hands on approach with art.

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The Wealthy Artist Bootcamp

This 8 week intensive is designed for those looking to start a business, change their relationship with money, and remove fear from your life so you can start accomplishing your dreams now.

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7 Day Creativity Reset Challenge

A complete overhaul of your current creative state. Designed to get you into the creative flow with ease by creating helpful success habits.

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