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I would love to create a custom piece of artwork for you! 

The process begins with email communication about what you are looking for. I will then intuitively paint your commission. Together we will discuss the emotion of your piece(s), sizing and any details.

My process is very simple. Before I create your piece, I place myself in a meditative state and I allow myself to receive visions from the divine universe. I see in bold colours, and lines, and I paint it. Sometimes it takes me weeks, and most of the time, I can finish a painting within an hour or so, when I am totally connected. It is not me, Tori, the personality painting, I’m simply a source of divine inspiration to channel through me.

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I am based in Vancouver, Canada and can be available globally. If you’re interested in a learning more about my artwork, commissions, workshops or coaching, fill out the form below and we can start the conversation.