October 2019

Mastermind is a term that describes an eminent talent, which resides in us all. Mastermind is designed to connect likeminded individuals, to their soul’s journey and purpose.


This is for you if:

  • You’re looking to deepen your connection to spirit

  • You want to use and rely on your intuition

  • You want to live your passion, in whatever form

  • Feel more abundant and prosperous every day.

  • Connect to other likeminded individuals and build a community based on love.

  • Feel more gratitude, and love in your life

We are all born intuitive, and relinquished in having what we want, when we want. Due to the way we were raised and conditioned, we have learned to stop the flow. We learned to live in fear, and stepping into the unknown became a scary thought. We stopped asking for what we want and in returned we didn’t receive or allowed a capacity of love into our lives.

Mastermind is designed to help you see where you’ve been playing small your entire life. The spiritual course was created to hold you to a high standard of life, where you can choose to fall into fear or step boldly into love and the unknown, knowing you are divinely held with every step. Why? It’s your divine right to be rich, and in love with yourself and what you do, and others.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re also meant to teach this, in whatever form that calls you. For me, it’s art and spiritual law of attraction - for others it looks different. Without uncovering our soul’s purpose from all the gunk we’re layered to keep us small and “safe”, we cannot trudge forward without the support and guidance from those who have done it first.



  • x3, 1:1 Private calls with Tori per month

  • x1 group intuitive art class based on the topic/theme of the month

  • x1 group workshop lead and designed by each participant per month

  • Weekly assignments, tips and resources to help guide you through your own personal journey

  • Access to Tori 24/7 with her personal cell phone number


Total Investment

  • $3,900 paid in full

  • $650 / Month (6 payments)

  • $325 / Bi-Weekly (12 payments)

  • Other payment plans available upon request.

$150 deposit upon commitment (non-refundable)

Want to learn more and discuss options?

Registration Closes Friday, September 27th, 2019

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