7 Day Creativity Reset

This creative reset challenge is going to help you develop success habits, which are vital to your growth and connectedness. Success habits are crucial because it helps you create a foundation, a new positive habitual pattern to reset your day, or start your day on a positive, loving note.

This is for you if:

  • You second guess your thoughts

  • You have a hard time finding inspiration and following it

  • Searching for creative outlets that speak to you

  • You want to find fulfilling work

  • You want to immerse yourself with more creativity on a day to day

  • You’re struggling with “writer’s block” in more ways than one

  • You want to feel more connected to your purpose

  • You’re looking for clarity, direction, and passion in your life.

My Personal Experience with Success Habits

The more I practice my success habits, the more connected I am, and the easier creativity and inspiration dawns on me. I simply open myself to be a clear channel to receive ideas, to then follow.

Most of my clientele receives ideas, but quickly write them off because it would take too much effort, or they simply second guess their thoughts.

These thoughts are coming to you as a form of inspiration, or through the words of a friend, or over hearing a conversation on the street. The inspiration is for you to follow or to simply notice.

What are success habits?

Success habits are non-negotiable activities you can do in a day to maintain a high vibration, that will lift you up and keep you grounded so you can clear the thoughts for your intuition to speak up.

When we intentionally create the space to hear your intuition, you are divinely guided.



What is Divine Inspiration?

Inspiration does not belong to us, inspiration is simply a thought, a fleeting feeling that is given to us from the universe. If we do not act on inspiration, the thought will be delivered to someone else, and so on. It’s not to say that we have to act on everything we hear, feeling or think, but it’s important for us to create the space to receive the inspiration, even if we decide not to follow it.

Inspiration does not belong to us, it is a gift, and even if we’re not sure HOW we’re going to execute a thought, we just have to know WHY we’re doing it. That’s where the success habits come into play. Success habits intentinoally connect us to our why everyday. When we’re clear on why we’re focusing and working toward our essence, then we are actively following our intution. Universal law of attraction states that when we are clear on our purpose and essence, then we’re acting in our truth, and when we follow our truth, it’s our divine right to be wealthy and prosperous. Why? Because we’re not focused on the effect, but rather the feeling of when we’re pursuing our passion.

How it works:

For 7 days in a row, you will receive an email prompt to login to your account and check in on your daily challenge.

Each day will come with a video explaining the theme, topic, and daily habit to practice

Each day will also come with a guided meditation to help you either start your practice or deepen it.

At the end of the challenge you will have created your own personal success habit that you will use on a daily basis to live a more purposeful, connected and creative life.

The success habits will become second nature. Purposefully setting aside at least 10minutes a day dedicated to your well being will transform your life - why wouldn’t we do it?



 Ready to reset your life?