Congrats on making it to the last day!!!

Gratitude is the key ingredient for amping up your law of attraction and removing any creative blocks. When we feel blocked, we are REALLY in our own way, we can’t stop thinking about how we’re blocked. The best way to remove this the creative block is to practice gratitude for what you have. Gratitude can be as little or as big as you ‘d like it to be.

I want you to keep a record in your journal everyday. You’e going to start a grateful list including at least 5 things that you are grateful for every single day. When you write them down, be present and really feel the essence of each bullet point as your write it down. Warning, this may cause emotional out pour, so let it out and let it flow.


I write out my successes in a list of 5 after my gratitude list. It reminds me that I’m doing great, from little wins to a free coffee, to signing on a new client or discovering a new creative idea. This keeps our mind focused on the light, and it’s directly placing an order with the universe everyday saying “more of this please”.

  1. I am grateful for my health

  2. I am grateful for a healthy dinner at home with my partner

  3. I am grateful for selling a piece of artwork



Now What?

Now that you have completed the creativity reset you should be feeling inspired and present. This doesn’t stop - now you’ve created 7 success habits that you can incorporate in your daily routine that can become second nature to you. If you’re feeling blocked, or in a spiral, resort to your success habits to pull you out of it. This is a sure and easy way to stay connected to that flow.

Next Steps:

  • Mediation

  • Automatic Writing

  • Stretch Yourself Creatively

  • Body Movement

  • Treat Yourself

  • Express Love

  • Gratitude List

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