Day 5: Treat yourself

Hold for video

For the 5th day of this challenge, you’re taking yourself on a date. Yes, you and only you. Whether that’s dinner alone, or sitting down at your favourite coffee shop to automatic write, or laying down with a blanket and a book at the park. This can be as little or as big as you’d like it to be.

When we can treat ourselves without feeling guilty, we create the space to indulge. Indulging allows us to receive pleasure, especially from ourselves. I’ve noticed that a big part of blocks with money or even creativity is the inability to allow and receive. Receiving allows us to listen for inspiration. So go on and indulge yourself every single day. The more we resist indulgence the more we resist our creative and divine inspiration.


Move your body and walk to your favourite corner store to grab a treat or a coffee at a local coffee shop. If you do not feel empowered to spend money, then start small and bake a pie at home.

Today’s meditation will teach you why you may resist pleasure and how to work through it with daily visualization exercises.


What you need:

  • An understanding of what you like

Next Steps:

  • Meditation

  • Automatic Writing

  • Stretch Yourself Creatively

  • Move Your Body

  • Treat Yourself Daily