Day 5: Treat yourself

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Today, you’re taking yourself on a date. Yes, you and only you. Whether that’s dinner alone, a coffee shop to automatic write, or buy a new shirt. This can be as little or as big as you’d like it to be while also keeping it realistic because this is going to ba new success habit you incorporate daily forever.

When we can treat ourselves without feeling guilty, we’re allowed to indulge. Indulging allows us to receive pleasure, especially from ourselves. I’ve noticed a big block with clients aren’t able to receive, which is a direct correlation with receiving abundance and prosperity. Receiving allows us to receive inspiration and love from the universe. So go on and indulge yourself every single day. The more we resist indulgence the more we resist our creative and divine inspiration. Today’s meditation will teach you why you may resist pleasure and how to work through it with daily visualization excercises.

Example: Grabbing a cookie at your favourite corner store or a coffee at a local coffee shop. If you’re trying to stop spending, buy the ingredients to make your favourite nut mylk latte at home, or buy a plant for your office.


What you need:

  • Open mind

Next Steps:

  • Meditation

  • Automatic Writing

  • Stretch Yourself Creatively

  • Move Your Body

  • Treat Yourself Daily