Day 4: Move Your Body

Hold For Video

Today we’re learning how to move our body. this is especially important for those of you who move your body regularly already. Pick something new that you’re not use to doing. If you’re someone who usually leans towards HIIT classes, go to yoga, if you’re into yoga, try hiking. My biggest recommendation is to get into nature in one way or another like a nature walk or a beach walk.

Moving your body is key, for it allows us to move forward positively. I’ve noticed that some clients have joint problems in our knees or hips, and moving forward and moving our body allows us to move through excess energy that no longer serves our direction.

Whenever I feel stuck, I ask my body what it needs and I do that; sometimes it’s a walk along the seawall, or the block, sometimes it’s run or surf. Listen to your body and allow it to guide you.

Exercising allows up to be present in the moment, and when we are present we can better listen to our intuition. So whatever thoughts come up for you, don’t second guess it, write it down or record it after your movement, for this is divine inspiration and creative flow baby!


What you need?

  • yourself and some exercise gear

Next Steps:

  • Mediation

  • Automatic Writing

  • Stretch Yourself Creatively

  • Move Your Body