Day 3: Stretch Yourself

Hold for Video

If you haven’t already exited your comfort zone, get ready because you’re about to something new. Creative inspiration comes when we stretch ourselves without any expectation. In this case, I want you to try something new today, maybe that’s cooking a meal from scratch, or knitting, reading a different kind of book, or signing up for a ceramics class. It can be as little or as big as you want it to be. the point is, when we start to stretch ourselves daily, we grow. When we try something new, we have a beginners mindset, a mindset so sought after when we are in a creative rut because we can see clearly without judgement.

Ask yourself what you have always wanted to try? Honour the first though that comes up during our guided meditation below.


If I choose to cook a plant based meal from scratch, I will continue cooking 1 meal from scratch everyday for at least the rest of this course. Or, try something different every day such as cooking today, and sewing tomorrow, and painting greeting cards the next day etc.

Hold for meditaiton

What you need:

  • Choose an activity you want to pursue for the next 5 days, especially the ones you feel like you’re “no good at”. This doesn’t have to cost money, be creative!

Next Steps:

  • Meditation

  • Automatic Writing

  • Try a new creative outlet