Day 3: Stretch Yourself

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Today, you’re officially exiting your comfort zone, and trying something new. Creative inspiration comes when we stretch ourselves without any expectation. In this case, I want you to try somethng new today, maybe that’s cooking a meal from scratch, or knitting, reading a book, or signing up for a ceramics class. It can be as little or as big as you want. the point is, when we start to stretch ourselves daily, we grow. When we try something new, we have a beginners mindset, a mindset so sought after when we ware in a creative rut because they don’e see the obstacles as someone who may be jaded.

I recommend asking yourself what that activity is for you, and the first thought that comes up, without second guessing it is the one - don’t worry we will take you through the guided meditaiton to find it for you.

If you choose cooking, I want you to continue cooking 1 meal from scratch everyday for the rest of this course, same thing if you pick painting or drawing or playing around on photoshop.

Hold for meditaiton

What you need:

  • Choose an activity you want to pursue for the next 5 days, espically the ones you feel like you’re “no good at”

  • you’re also welcome to try something new every day if you want and can commit to this.

Next Steps:

  • Meditation

  • Automatic Writing

  • Try a new creative outlet