Day 2: Meditation aka. “Sitting”


Meditation can be a loaded word. I’ve noticed with clients, if I reccommend meditaiton, their immediate thought pattern is that they’re no good at meditating, so if this is a trigger for you, we’re going to call it “sitting”.

Meditation is so powerful for it lengthens the time from thought to reaction. It slows down our impulsive side. It also creates the space for our intuition to come through more powerfully. Now, you may not hear your intuition right away, but it’s there. This is going to be the start of no longer second guessing yourself. Meditation takes time, and You will need to sit for a minimum of 5 mins a day to start, the meditation practices will start to length as the days progress, and we will go deeper.

In this exercise, you’re going to do this at the beginning of your day, before you start writing.

I want you to find a comfortable seat either on the floor or on a surface, if you choose to sit on a chair or couch have both your feet planted firmly in the ground.

What you need:

  • a comfortable place to sit

  • your phone or speaker with or without headphones to play the guided meditation.


Next Steps:

  • Incorporate your automatic writing and feel free to write about any thoughts you received during your meditation.