Day 2: Sitting


Today, we’re starting a new sitting/meditation technique. You will be meditation before you start automatic writing, for it allows you to check-in with your body.

Meditation can be a loaded word - how many of you just shuttered when I mentioned it? There’s this notion that you have to be “good” at meditation, and the reality is - you don’t have to be, even just sitting down for 1 minute can count toward meditation. To remove any stereotyping energy, we’re going to call this “sitting”

Key Benefits of Meditation/Sitting:

  • Lengthens the time from our thoughts to reaction

  • Slows down our impulsive tendencies

  • Creates the space for our intuition to come through more powerfully

  • Transmute anxiety

  • Allows us to trust our intuition and stop second guessing yourself

Meditation takes commitment, and you need to sit for a minimum of 5 mins a day to start the meditation practice and the time will start to length as the days progress, and you will go deeper naturally with time.

Start your practice

I want you to find a comfortable seat either on the floor or on a surface, if you choose to sit on a chair or couch have both your feet planted firmly in the ground. If it’s easier, have your meditation spot set up, with an alter and a journal nearby.

What you need:

  • A comfortable place to sit

  • A phone with or without headphones to play the guided meditation.


Next Steps:

  • Incorporate your automatic writing and feel free to write about any thoughts you received during your meditation.