Day 2: Sitting


Congratulations for making it to your second day of this challenge. The more and more you show up, the stronger your intuition grows and your connection to your creativity.

Today, we’re starting a new sitting technique called meditation. In this case, you will be meditate before you start automatic writing, for it allows you to check-in with your body. You may then use automatic writing to dump anything that came up for you in your meditation. For example, the thoughts that you couldn’t “let go” during your meditation, or any bursts of inspiration that surfaced that you want to record so you don’t forget - hint, hint, this is divine inspiration and creative flow.

Meditation can be a loaded word - how many of you just shuttered when I mentioned it? There’s this notion that you have to be “good” at meditation, and the reality is - you don’t have to be, even just sitting down for 1 minute can count toward meditation. To remove any stereotyping energy, we’re going to call this “sitting”. While you’re sitting, I want you to either count your “in” breaths, to stray your focus from wandering thoughts to intentional focus.

Key Benefits of Sitting:

  • Lengthens the time from our thoughts to reaction

  • Slows down our impulsive tendencies

  • Creates the space for our intuition to come through more powerfully

  • Transmute anxiety

  • Creates trust to eventually stop the second guessing our thoughts.

Sitting takes commitment, and you need to sit for a minimum of 5 mins a day to start the meditation practice and the time will start to length as the days progress, and you will go deeper naturally with time -so if you’re feeling frustrated, note that this too shall pass because everyday is a new day and a new start.

Start your practice

I want you to find a comfortable seat either on the floor or on a surface, if you choose to sit on a chair or couch have both your feet planted firmly in the ground. If it’s easier, have your meditation spot set up, with your journal nearby.

What you need:

  • A comfortable place to sit

  • A phone with or without headphones to play the guided meditation.


Next Steps:

  • Incorporate your automatic writing and feel free to write about any thoughts you received during your meditation.