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Tori Swanson
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Being a twin is complicated, and amazing all at once. I'm so grateful to have @kelsey.swanson in my life, I seriously look up to her, she's generous, loving, caring, and so much fun. I really am blessed to have another half who inspires the heck out of me.

There are many reasons why I love being a twin, and there are many deep complexities that go along with it. My whole life I saw myself as 'who I am not' in comparison to someone else. It wasn't until I turned 28, did I start to realize that I didn't have to compare myself to other people. This searching for who I am was what I received from the external world like my accomplishments, my art, my friendships. I never quite felt good enough, because it looked better from the perspective of the person I was born with, my sister. Now I can't speak for her and her experiences, but I can say, that looking at what I want, and what fuels me, and how I feel about myself, has never been easy. I've had to really look into why I chose objects, people, and experiences outside of who I am, things I cannot control, to determine my worth. Changing that worth, to being something internal that cannot be swayed based on others, or situations, has been difficult, but so rewarding. This piece is inspired by my evolving relationship with myself, and looking for the light, worth and success outside of my, only to recognize that it's been within me this whole time. The three figures are dashing around in movement searching high and low for worth, while the bottom figure, simple is resting, with energy directed toward herself, as if to say, "I have everything I need here, in this moment".

Medium: Acrylic on raw canvas

Size: 4 x 5 ft

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Meet Tori Swanson

Hi, I'm Tori! I received my certificate in Fine Arts at Langara College, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I initially focused on the female form in line drawings. I remember attending my first drawing class and being in AWE of the bravery of the nude and curvaceous women posing so confidently in front of a class of students. Get to know me!

All artworks are original and signed by myself.


The artwork will be carefully packed and shipped once purchased. Most commonly, these are the following shipping options available:

  • Rolled up in a shipping tube (Cheapest)

  • Shipped in a cardboard box + Bubble Wrap (potential risk of damage in transport, but typically safe and cheaper than a crate).

  • Shipped in a Wooden Crate (Safest)

All canvases are not stretched for ease of shipping. If you would like your canvas stretched and mounted you may select that in the shipping option.

Shipping fluctuates depending on the size and weight of the piece. At checkout, you۪'re asked to pick a shipping option, which is an estimate. If there is a difference in price, I will reach out personally to discuss any additional payments of partial refund if need be.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me through the contact page or email me directly at

Looking forward to packing your orders!

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As Seen At The Buffer Festival

This Artist Wants You to Take Off Your Clothes and Love Your Body

Tori Swanson draws people naked for a living. As an artist, her primary focus is nude portraits. Being sketched completely naked can be a vulnerable experience, but Tori’s goal is to make the experience a liberating one. “I want people to look at themselves differently. I want people to not be afraid to explore who they are, and I want people to be open to trying new things and being less judgemental with themselves.”