Fall 2019 Drawing & Painting Course

From October - December 2019

Hosted in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Tuesdays, from 6pm-7:30pm PST

12 week course

About the Course

Being creative does not mean following a guide book, it’s about creating safe space to experience creativity and abundance within you. When we work with the law of attraction and creativity, we can manifest anything into our lives, while healing past traumas. Working with a specific theme, we will discover your current relationship with that theme through a grounding, guided, psychic meditation and opening.

This course is designed to teach you technique while exploring the limitless boundaries of self - expression. Whether or not you have taken an art class before, you can expect to grow your skillset while discovering your talent, style without restriction. There’s no such thing as a guide book on how to paint, that guidebook exists within you already.

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The Intention

This course is designed for all levels of experience. Whether or not you have tried painting or drawing before, we’ll teach you the basics, while exploring different level of techniques.

Creativity is a direct connection with your intuition, and can be used as an amazing outlet for stress, balance, and happiness. This course will also create the experience for you to grow your relationship to your intuition while exploring different relationships you currently have with those around you. This is more than just a painting and drawing class.

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What You Can Expect

  • Bridging the gap between intuition and creativity.

  • All supplies included, all you have to do is show up

  • All levels are welcome!

  • Guided meditation and intention setting before each class

  • A new way of self-expression, even if you’ve never done it before

  • 1:1 guided class

  • Life models when working with drawing

  • Introducing new techniques and tools to help you find your style

  • Deep dive into your psychic intuition


The Investment

  • $600 paid up front

  • $300 / month

  • Cash, credit or debit available.