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Private, intuitive, art healing sessions


Creativity has always been an outlet to heal myself. Everyday, I return to the canvas only to find there are many layers to divulge and unearth where I have hidden away parts of myself from the world. Art, has been the leading cure for my eating disorder. Art has never judged me, and has allowed me to express myself when words could not describe how I felt. Art is my saviour and keeps me sane.

Where Intuition Meets Creativity

So often we feel stifled, stuck, or stagnant. Usually we feel like exercise, healthy eating, and getting into a routine is the medicine we need. Often enough, we override creativity as our cure - and it’s actually the only cure.

The feeling of being stifled is normal, and when we get that way, it can feel difficult to unwind. It’s my belief that we need to understand why we are in this position in order to release it. Like most things, once we are away of our story and habits we can completely rewire the brain to feel more creative, and abundant. If you’re looking for clarity, closure, new experiences, or simply want to open up to the unknown and receive more prosperity - this is for everyone.


About The Session

During this 90 mins session, we start with a psychic intuitive reading. The purpose of this reading is not to “fortune tell” but to remove any energetic blocks that are inhibiting you from living a full life. It’s my duty as a psychic to not provide you the answers, but to help you find the answers within. This states for a longer, and stronger foundation to help you trust yourself.

Our bodies are our biggest divination tool, and our bodies are always a manifestation after thought, is if you’ve been sick or injured this is not a coincidence. If you’re feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety in your body, we can identify it and it's purpose to then help you release it and bring in MORE of what you actually want. Anxiety is a helpful tool, nothing to be ashamed or afraid of and I’ll share why during out sessions.

We will then move toward a meditation. The personalized, guided meditation is designed to bring you out of your mind and into your body, to ground and release old thought patterns, to meet fear and shame with love to create the space for purpose.

The second half of the sessions is designed to give you the space to paint what you feel, without restrictions or thoughts so that we can bring you back into flow and balance.

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