About Tori Swanson

Tori received her certificate in Fine Arts from Langara College in 2010. She studied Art History in Italy and France, however most of her inspiration comes from her travels around the world, living in New York City and personal struggle with anxiety, and eating disorder.

Tori’s figure drawings are inspired by feelings and expression. She’s able to rid her anxious energy and express herself onto a raw canvas.

Tori is also inspired by the human body. She believes that a healthy full figure is the most beautiful piece of art. Tori loves the challenge of fully encapsulating the expression and emotion of each curve on the female figure. Tori focuses her sketches on 30 second to 5 minute poses. She believes it doesn’t give an artist enough time to be meticulous or perfect and therefore forces an artist to draw what they see and feel, which is how we should view ourselves.

Tori’s goal is to help others live in full expression of themselves. To discover their power and to release the need to hold onto doubt, self-criticism and just be who we are meant to be..


About Talk To Me Naked

Tori currently focuses on private commission nude portraits. Tori offers clients one of a kind experience to be drawn as their naked self for one hour. The sessions are cathartic, therapeutic, and releasing. It's an experience worth empowering ourselves and feeling confident and beautiful.